Albany Roller Derby started its Act -Belong-Commit Skate Like A Girl junior roller skating skills program in 2018 with help from Healthway, a Western Australian sports promotion program.  The Act-Belong-Commit program combines basic skating skills and mental health literacy, and provides a safe space for teenagers that identify as women to learn in a supportive environment with experienced women instructors.

Over 100 girls have engaged with the Act-Belong-Commit program since its inception, with 2 identifying as Aboriginal and 4 identifying as LGBTQIA+. Taken into context with the population of Albany, Western Australia: there are around 2200 girls aged 10-19 in the city.  The kids have learned a lot of helpful skating skills in the 18 months since the program started and now they’re excited to start learning roller derby.

That’s where Girls on Track Foundation is hoping to help. Albany coaches anticipate their new 2019 Skate Like a Girl program could reach another 100 girls. With funding to assist the kids with cost-prohibitive gear needs and venue costs, they’d like to create a series of 10-week boot camps for girls to learn roller derby specific skills and be able to play roller derby with their peers.  Albany’s goal is to include 20 new participants in each round, graduating them out of the program with a solid base of WFTDA Minimum skills.Albany has requested assistance with gear and venue costs. Help us reach that goal!

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