No Coast Junior Derby is working with a local Group Home to involve their girls in the empowering experience of their roller derby boot camps! They hope to provide full scholarships for ten kids in the group home, and 50% scholarships for ten local families to attend their programs, as well. They’re also looking to build a loaner gear library to allow more junior skaters to participate.

No Coast Derby Girls was founded in 2006 in Lincoln, Nebraska. They’re a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and work hard to support the community by volunteering for school events, fundraisers and help out at community events held by many partnering human service organizations.

No Coast Junior Derby is in its fifth year and serves 10-15 new kids every term. There aren’t many sports opportunities for teens in Lincoln, Nebraska, especially for lower income families that may not be able to afford team travel. Roller derby also offers a place for kids who aren’t interested in other, more traditional sports. There are no other opportunities in Lincoln for girls to play contact sports, or for boys and girls to play together. Roller derby also naturally creates leadership opportunities and allows the kids to see progress and improvement as quickly as the first practice.

No Coast is looking for help funding their gear lending library and scholarships for local kids. They’re also piloting a new program with a local girls group home for 10 girls, including 100% scholarships that include the kids’ gear: helmet, pads, skates and jerseys and insurance. By specifically targeting at-risk girls, No Coast is eager to give them the opportunity to be part of a team and gain the confidence derby offers to everyone. Thank you for helping Girls on Track Foundation and No Coast Junior Derby fund this campaign.

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