Help Girls on Track Foundation bring holiday cheer to a worthy junior skater this year with the gift of protective roller derby gear! Our partners are underwriting great deals for the kids. Will you help?

Your $10 = a pair of wristguards
Your $25 = a full set of pads
Your $50 = pads and a protective helmet
Your $75 = a pair of brand new pair of skates
$125 = a full set of roller derby gear for a kid who needs it!

Make it a super happy holiday for a junior skater!

Check out our 2019 Campaigns (still open, but not for long!):

Albany Roller Derby is raising money to expand their Skate Like a Girl junior boot camp program and provide loaner gear for economically challenged and Aboriginal skaters. Read more about Albany Roller Derby and their goals…

Fund Albany now!

No Coast Junior Derby is working with a local Group Home to involve their girls in the empowering experience of their roller derby boot camps! They hope to provide full scholarships for ten kids in the group home, and 50% scholarships for ten local families to attend their programs, as well. They’re also looking to build a loaner gear library to allow more junior skaters to participate. Read more about No Coast and their goals…

Fund No Coast!

Can’t decide between these worthy campaigns? You don’t have to. Use this button and you can split your donation between them!