Our Mission: To foster important life skills in girls, through participation in roller derby as skaters and decision makers.

Why: Participation in roller derby helps girls develop confidence, leadership, and organizational skills with lifelong benefits for skaters and their communities.

How: We help girls keep playing by funding awareness of and access to roller derby: an inclusive, alternative sport with a positive culture of participation, fun, and empowerment for girls and women.

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Junior Roller Derby Leagues – Become an Affiliate!

We welcome all junior roller derby leagues to get on track with us by becoming a Junior Affiliate! A simple sign-up will allow your league to benefit from our programs, funding, and resources. This affiliation is also open to junior leagues who are subsidiary to an established adult roller derby league.

  • Be eligible to apply for funding from Girls On Track!
  • Share resources with other junior leagues around the world
  • Access our programs and resources to help your league grow and succeed (Coming soon!)
  • Nominate one of your league members for a possible seat on our Advisory Board
  • Pilot test new initiatives and programs from Girls On Track in your league first!
  • See your league’s name in the Affiliates section of our website wall of honor


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