Girls on Track Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization run exclusively by volunteer roller derby players, alumni and members of the roller derby community.

Our Mission: To foster important life skills in girls, through participation in roller derby as skaters and decision makers.

Why: Participation in roller derby helps girls develop confidence, leadership, and organizational skills with lifelong benefits for skaters and their communities.

How: We help girls keep playing by funding awareness of and access to roller derby: an inclusive, alternative sport with a positive culture of participation, fun, and empowerment for girls and women.

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Who We Are

Meet Our Board of Directors

  • Booty Quake, aka Carla Smith | Co-Founder & Current President (2016 – ).
  • Owner/Head Coach, Roller Derby Athletics; Co-Founder & Coach at Rolla Skate Club in Vancouver, BC.
    Photo c. 2014 Roller Derby Athletics

  • Luludemonaka Lucy Croysdill | Co-Founder & Fundraising Director (2016 – )
  • Co-Founder and coach at Rolla Skate Club and Camp Elite, founding member of Terminal City Rollergirls in Vancouver, BC.
    Photo c. 2017 Lucy Croysdill

    Trish the Dish aka Trish Ethier | Treasurer (2019 – )
  • Manager, RollerCon derby convention, skater for SoCal Derby in California.
    Photo c. 2015 Trish Ethier

  • L’eggs N. Bacon aka Angela Parrill | Vice President (2019 – )
  • Manager, RollerCon Roller Derby Convention; Retired skater for SoCal Derby in California.
    Photo c.2017 by Jenn Possick

2019 Advisory Board
Girls on Track Foundation Advisory Board is chosen from outstanding adults and juniors in the roller derby community. The Advisory Board offers insight and input for choosing fundraising campaign beneficiaries and assists in Foundation administrative tasks.

  • Devoida Mercy – Philly Roller Derby, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Bob Noxious – Madison Roller Derby, Wisconsin, USA
  • Deb’Own Crusher – Calgary Roller Derby, Alberta, Canada
  • Hydra – Rainy City Roller Derby, Manchester, UK
  • Body-Bag-Bird – Tri-City Derby Juniors, Ontario, Canada
  • Madditude – Tri-City Derby Juniors, Ontario, Canada
  • Tay Ja Vu – Pile o’ Bones Derby Club, Saskatchewan, Canada

Past Board Members

Suzy Strychnine aka Suzy Dancisin | Treasurer, 2017 – 2019. Owner, Wicked Skatewear and Chicks in Bowls gang member; retired skater for OC Rollergirls in California. Photo c. 2016 Suzy Dancisin


Eduskating Rita, aka Michele Donnelly | Co-Founder and  Vice President, 2016 – 2019. Assistant Professor of Sport Administration and Sport Studies (sociologist of gender) at Kent State University, Ohio; skater and VP of Training for Akron Roller Derby in Ohio. Photo c. 2014 Shannon Ashworth

Smarty Pants, aka Nadia Kean | Advisory Board Member (2017). Owner and Coach, Get Smarty Coaching; skater for the Texas Rollergirls and Team USA. Photo c. 2017 Nadia Kean

If you are interested in volunteering your skills, please let us know here.